Ella and Savannah Y6

We both love going on the computer at home. I (Ella) have my own disney channel website where I earn point to link up with new friends. I (Savannah) am a member in club penguin. I play games and walk around looking after my penguin pets, (puffles). The both of us love creating blogs at home or in school and we both are part of the SAM Learning group for year six revision towards SATS. Savannah uses the CBBC website and has her own ‘ My CBBC Pad ‘. We use BBC iPlayer regulaly, and common video sites like YouTube. We are constantly on google and childrens websites.¬†We love computers!!!


Kieran Y5


My name is Kieran and i like to go on youtube and make my website and i go on funny-game.biz and I love to go on power pont my website is good and cool because I now a lot of thing about coputers i go on this website called ani boom and you can do your own cartoon movie how cool is that .
1. kierans website
2.cartoon movie make